How much Museum Angkut ticket?
Weekday: IDR 60.000,- Weekend and Holiday: IDR 80.000,-
What time Museum Angkut open?
Open Ticket Box : 11.00 a.m Ticket Box Closed : 7.30 p.m Open Hours : 12.00 a.m – 8.00 p.m
Is there a discount for the entrance ticket?
You can get pieces of the following: - 20% discount using GFF Card Garuda & Boardingpass Air Asia, Citilink. - 25% discount using Bank Mega Credit Card. - 25% discount Credit & Debit Card of BTN.
Where is the Transport Museum location?
Museum Angkut located in Jalan Terusan Sultan Agung No. 2 Kota Wisata Batu, East Java, Indonesia.
Where can I get the entrance ticket?
You can get Entrance Ticket in the counter ticket of Museum Angkut. It is available in the north of the entrance of the Museum.
Can I get back into the Transport Museum Area after out of the transport Museum area?
You are free to go out the Museum Angkut area a day after you buy a ticket (do not remove the ticket from your hand or damaged). Tickets only occur on the day of the purchase of a ticket.
Is the ticket has been purchased can be restored?
The ticket has been purchased cannot be changed or restored.
Can I bring a food and drink?
Prohibited to bring food (rice, noodles, etc) and alcoholic beverages. You are allowed to bring snacks and drinks without alcoholic beverages.
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